CU Denver’s Residency Model

CU Denver is committed to preparing highly effective, results-focused educators who are deeply invested in student achievement and success and will act with a sense of urgency to support equity in education for all children.  Our graduates are champion educators in Colorado with advanced knowledge about state and national trends and are intellectually equipped to make important decisions based on a thorough understanding of children’s learning, their cultural and community assets, and effective methods of teaching in urban and diverse schools.

CU-Denver has been partnering with DPS for over twenty years to create year-long practice-rich approaches to preparing teachers for the district.  As a partner in the Student Teacher Residency, we will now have the ability to create an intensive, well-supported 4-year approach to creating exceptional DPS educators who have in-depth knowledge, four years of context-specific practice in the district, and a commitment to the schools and children of DPS.

Our 4-year Residency approach includes:

  • Multiple recruitment pipelines for local talent with flexible entry including high school graduates, community college transfer students, and current paraprofessionals
  • Comprehensive support for students in the residency to address the academic, social, and emotional needs of diverse, first generation college students
  • Paid, year-long, half-time, paraprofessional internships with significant support and coaching from the university during the first 3 years of the undergraduate program at CU Denver
  • Full, final senior year Student Teacher Residency with DPS-specific curriculum and additional preparation leading to the CO Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Education added endorsement (CLDE).*
  • Continual integration of coursework and practical classroom experience supported by world-class faculty working alongside master P-12 teachers and leaders in a nationally accredited program that exceeds expectations.

At CU-Denver, we are committed to developing cultures of high expectation in teacher education and P-12 classrooms and support the development of future educators who work collaboratively with students, families, and their colleagues to bring about change in their classroom, in their school, and in their community.

*CU Denver will provide instruction and coursework for all candidates in the DPS Student Teacher Residency


This program is looking for candidates who have demonstrated strong performance in their coursework leading up to student teaching and who are deeply committed to working with Denver’s children in the city’s classrooms. While the Residency year is rigorous and intense, candidates will be fully prepared for the challenges faced by novice teachers.

Information Sessions:

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